who is she?


Sam Reece is a (TWITTER VERIFIED) writer and comedian based in Brooklyn—not to be confused with the European male model and reality show star Sam Reece. Seriously Google him, he’s gorgeous.

After at least 10 (15??? 20??!!!) years of announcing to literally anyone who would listen that “theatre is the only real art worth committing to”, Sam quickly shifted gears post college once her musical theatre BFA was safely in the hands of her confused parents. Aka she started taking classes at The Upright Citizens Brigade and never looked back. (Unless listening to Broadway cast recordings non-stop counts as looking back?? I have terrible taste in music now!!!!)

Sam’s path as a writer has led to many creative projects she’s proud of—In 2014, she wrote a one hour original play about Nicolas Cage that won “Audience Favorite” at the Chicago Fringe Festival, and from 2013 to 2017, Sam wrote and starred in four original sketch shows with her writing partner Becky Chicoine that each ran at the UCB Theatre in NYC. In years since she's written on projects for MTV, Refinery29, CollegeHumor, and Comedy Central, to name a few. 

If you’d like to see Sam “use” her college degree, you can find her in a some national commercials, performing with Story Pirates, on the upcoming premiere of Comedy Central’s Alternatino or all over her mother’s Facebook page.

 And again, I can’t stress this enough: Google “Male model Sam Reece” okay?